Monday, April 7, 2008

CVS Shopping

This was my CVS deal for Saturday. I was able to get some deals from last week and then I got the baby deal which is going on this week. I did this in three transactions. The clerk got a little confused and the manager had to come and straighten it out so it is difficult to write an accurate breakdown. But I basically had $14.87 in extra care bucks and my OOP (Out of Pocket) was around $4.00 and I left with $12.00 more extra care bucks. So basically they paid me $8.00 to shop there. I had a number of coupons. Hopefully, this week the clerk won't get confused and I will be able to explain how I did and give my coupon links. I love CVS!

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Denise Sawyer said...

Great Job!
Don't you love this new way of shopping? - They pay YOU instead of you paying THEM! :)

Come back and post next Friday too at the CVS Superstars!!

The "Cent"sible Sawyer