Thursday, April 10, 2008

Kroger week of 4/6-4/12

Can you guess how much all these groceries cost me?

Thanks to the it only cost me $61.40 before tax!!

I can't believe how much stuff I got, 4 -1/2 gallons of milk, ice cream, ground beef, four packets of chicken breasts, large package of pork chops, 2 boxes of cereal, grapes, etc. etc.

I had many coupons from the Sunday paper. The grocery game has helped me so much because I don't have to figure out my own deals she does it for me!! You can try it out for only $1 for 4 weeks!!

Check out the website and if you decide to sign up please put me down for a referral


I learned this week, Kroger sells the Sunday paper after Sunday for $1.00. I was able to pick up two more on Tuesday.

At the Kroger by my house we have a gas pump, well, because of all my weekly shopping trips not only am I saving money on my groceries but I am getting .10 cents off per gallon. So my gas this week cost $3.15 a gallon instead of $3.25 a gallon. I saw it at Sam's this week for $3.18 a gallon.

I have only been couponing for a month and I just see the savings stacking up. It is so much fun and very rewarding!

Have fun shopping.

CVS week of 4/6-4/12

CVS Fabulous Finds!

I completed this in three transactions. I have three of these green big savings little books which are a gold mine if you have them at your store. (They have coupons for Pantene and Covergirl which are both having ECBs this week)

Transaction #1

Dove Deoderant -.75 coupon
Degree Decoderant - 1.00 coupon this week's Sunday paper
Excedrin -2.00 off coupon here
Sunsilk $1.50 coupon off here
Sunsilk B1G1 Free coupon from this week's Sunday Paper (which gave me $3.99 off)
I bought 6 Essence of Beauty bags

I had a $4 off 20 dollar purchase CVS coupon and I had $12.00 in ECBs.

My OOP (out of pocket) was $3.05

I recieved 16 extra care bucks.

Transaction #2

3 Pantene Stylers -used 3 $2.00 coupons for the Green coupon book pictured above
6 more Essence of Beauty bags
Candy egg (filler)

I used my coupons for a total of $6.00 off and my 15 extra care bucks.

My OOP was .56 cents

I earned 14 extra care bucks.

Transaction #3

Cascade Liquid Dishwashing detergent -.25 cents coupon from this week's Sunday paper
Frebreze Air & Noticeable - Coupon buy Noticeable get Febreze air effects free from this week's Sunday paper (received $2.50 off)
Febreze candle - 2.00 off from this week's Sunday paper
Starburst (filler)

I used 15 extra care bucks

My OOP was .46 cents

I earned 5 more extra care bucks.

My total OOP for all three transactions was $4.07 but I received $5.00 ECBs so basically they paid me .93 cents to shop there.

I also noticed that in the Green Savings book (pictured above) there are 2.00 off coupons for Covergirl which if you spend $20.00 gives you 10 ECBs back.

Please tell me about your great finds this week.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Kroger Mega Event

Last week I went to Kroger a few times (only to find out that they are running the same ad this week) and got great deals but I felt like this deal was really good. Kroger was and still is having their 10/10 mega event this week so this deal can still be used.

I got 4 Mega rolls of paper towels which if you buy 10 items are on sale for $1.00 ea. but if you use this coupon here (hit the back button and you can print two) you can get them for .50 each.

I got 4 (5lb) bags of sugar which if you buy 10 items are on sale for $2.00 ea. but if you use this coupon here (print two) you can get them for $1.725 each.

Lastly I got two packages of the Betty Crocker Cookie Mix which if you buy 10 items are on sale for $1.00 ea. but if you use this coupon here (print two) you can get them for .40 cents each.

Making my total before tax $9.70

What great savings did you find this week?

CVS Shopping

This was my CVS deal for Saturday. I was able to get some deals from last week and then I got the baby deal which is going on this week. I did this in three transactions. The clerk got a little confused and the manager had to come and straighten it out so it is difficult to write an accurate breakdown. But I basically had $14.87 in extra care bucks and my OOP (Out of Pocket) was around $4.00 and I left with $12.00 more extra care bucks. So basically they paid me $8.00 to shop there. I had a number of coupons. Hopefully, this week the clerk won't get confused and I will be able to explain how I did and give my coupon links. I love CVS!